Residential Services

We offer a wide range of services for our residential customers.


We can repair/replace Motherboards, RAM, CPU’s, Video Cards, Power supplies, Hard drives, SSD’s, Optical drives, and all your peripherals.


We can repair/replace components for you laptop/notebook including LCD’s, Keyboards, Motherboards, CPU’s, DC Jacks, RAM, etc


We can help get your printer, scanner, or multifunction centre, back on track.

Operating Systems

We can clean-up and optimise that sluggish system. Re-installation of your Operating system is a snap. Low rates for clean OS installs are our specialty.

Clean installs with data migration are also a popular option.

We can even reinstall you PC from a remote location (requires internet availability)

Virus and Malware

Removing Virus’s and Nasty Malware, will give your computer a new lease of life. Malware can slow or even cripple your computer.

Protect your personal data and files. Maintain up-to date Internet Security. We can help.

Password Recovery

Locked your self out of your computer and cant remember your password? We have tools to get you back in.

Internet Access

Need help with your home network? Allow us to setup the optimal configuration to get all your devices connected to the net.

Correct Firewall and Wi-Fi configuration is vital to maintain a happy home network.

Cabling and Extenders

Poor Wi-Fi Reception? You may require a Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender, or even run a cable. Let us access you situation and advise your best solution.

Data Backup

Protecting you files and data is a breeze. Let us advise you on great software solutions to ensure you never suffer a data loss.

Data Recovery

Has your drive malfunctioned? Perhaps all is not lost. Data can sometimes be recovered from failed drives.